Bryan Smith's Anti-Idaho Anti-Trump Record Bryan Smith's Anti-Idaho Anti-Trump Record

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What Idahoans Are Saying About Bryan Smith

A “brute” who's unmoved by the plight of people in his cross hairs, no matter how vulnerable they are.

“A bully”

– Bryan Smith Peers*

Source: Sven Berg, “Idaho's 2nd CD candidate Bryan Smith's character, career on center stage,” The Idaho Statesman (Boise), April 13, 2014

Pompous," "Arrogant,” “Confrontational at every turn”

"You can't reason with people like this. You can't. It's just series after series of bad judgments. And bad judgments isn't the kind of thing you want to send (to Washington) to represent you."

– Bryan Smith Neighbor*

Source: Sven Berg, “Idaho's 2nd CD candidate Bryan Smith's character, career on center stage,” The Idaho Statesman (Boise), April 13, 2014

My favorite comment from anybody who takes advantage of people... It's just business... it's legal... I need to be paid for my effort... my response is; just because you can, doesn't mean you should.”

– Russell Slack, Ammon City Councilman*

Source: East Idaho News Facebook page

Bryan Smith, your reputation speaks for itself. You even give lawyers a bad name.”

– Rory Sallee*

Source: East Idaho News Facebook page

What a slug bucket. Yes Bryan, that’s you.”

– Larry Everton*

Source: East Idaho News Facebook page

Can't tell you how many people have gotten attacked by this man and had to pay outrageous legal fees on top of the bills.”

– Lisa Marcellus Riley*

Source: East Idaho News Facebook page

Smith’s daughter thought my son owed her $500 for passing out flyers and helping at a party my son put on at BYU-I in 2012. (He paid her the same $50 that he paid everyone else who helped.) Bryan Smith sued my son for the $500 and won a judgement of over $7,000--YES SEVEN THOUSAND!!! So, like the article states, he added a ton of FEES to the original amount. He also made sure to send everything (court dates, filings, service etc.) to his old address in Utah. Bryan Smith had my son’s home and business raided taking everything he owned, down to his baby’s high-chair and crib, while he was out of town. So, we have first-hand knowledge on how Bryan Smith tries to "help people.”

– Jennifer Beck*

Source: East Idaho News Facebook page

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[Donald Trump] wasn’t my first choice, and he wasn’t even my sixteenth choice…1

– Personal Injury Lawyer & Debt Collector Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith donated campaign cash to Trump’s opponents.2
He even opposed Trump when he became the Republican nominee at the RNC Convention.3

Debt Collector and Personal Injury Lawyer4 Bryan Smith
made millions5 by taking advantage of those struggling to pay their medical bills.

Getting Rich Off Veterans

Bryan Smith is a personal injury lawyer, who owns debt collection businesses that targeted Idaho veterans6 and working families who were struggling to make ends meet and received an “F” rating7 from the Better Business Bureau.

Taking Advantage of Struggling Idahoans

Debt Collector Bryan Smith’s business targeted police officers8, the elderly and the disabled who struggle to pay their medical bills – even charging interest rates up to 99%9 and attorney’s fees that were double the principal loan amount! An Idaho Judge described Smith’s practice “excessive” and “unconscionable.” 10

Out for himself, not you

Bryan Smith puts debt collectors like himself ahead of vulnerable Idaho patients. Smith went all the way to the State Capitol to lobby the legislature11 to make sure he could continue to charge excessive attorney fees and make a fortune off of frivolous lawsuits.12 Bryan Smith is only out for himself, not you.

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*Quotes are opinions of Bryan Smith from third parties posted on social media or from news media sources and do not constitute statements of the candidate or the committee.